Case Study: Greenfield Hospital Business Model


The existing business model was poorly structured and with a tight deadline before presenting to the preferred joint venture partner, the market leader in cardiology in a respected Western country the local partner needed a robust model that could be dramatically flexed that could be shared with the joint venture partner to get their buy-in to the project.


Given the limited time available the client needed to outsource the building of the model to modelling professionals.  The client purposely selected Analytical Models not only because of our modelling expertise but also specifically because we had not worked in the healthcare sector.  The client decided that they wanted someone without industry preconceptions to structure the model.


The model was completely rebuilt from the ground-up.  The flow of data through the model was clear, all calculations used hierarchically named ranges making it very easy to understand what was driving the calculations and where the source data could be found.  Use of grouping throughout the model made it extremely easy to move around the model.  Assumptions could be flexed at multiple levels making the model extremely flexible.  Phased introductions of specialties allowed not only the staffing but also opex as well as the associated capex.

The extremely structured manner in which the model was built made it very easy for our JV partner to quickly understand the model and more importantly be satisfied that it accurately modeled the proposed business.


Greenfield Hospital Business Model