Case Study: Data Migration


Landcare was struggling to manage its contact database.  Corporate contacts through to those of volunteers, which are so vital for an organisation like Landcare, were being managed in Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, Mailchimp, MYOB, a variety of databases, emails as well as many and varied workbooks.  Contact information was being lost when staff left the organisation and it was being duplicated and quadruplicated as some contacts were being stored in multiple systems.  Several large IT organisations had previously attempted to migrate the data without success.


Landcare needed to find a data migration specialist who could handle the wide variety of formats and who had the expertise to clean, de-duplicate and consolidate the contacts.  Highly customised and sophisticated rules were needed to handle many of the contacts which were being kept in a highly unstructured format.


The total number of contacts was reduced by 14% bringing significant operational and cost efficiencies in communicating with the Landcare community.  Multiple corporate software licenses were no longer needed which simplified IT’s maintenance and support tasks as well as resulting in cost savings as software licences were no longer needed.  The Landcare community was now managed centrally ensuring all communication could be better managed and maintained.  All this was done with minimal involvement from the business.


Data Migration